Guide to Getting Started


It’s easy to use One Globe Kids in any classroom. We’ll tell you how in five short steps! One Globe Kids is a virtual library of nonfiction stories about real children around the world. Students learn about life around the world while building their self-confidence and motivation to make new friends. How to Get

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SDGs with One Globe Kids


Introduce the UN Social Development Goals (SDGs) You can now introduce the UN SDGs (Social Development Goals) with One Globe Kids. In short, after you visit one of the friends, next, explore a global issue that is linked to the story’s country and the rest of the world. The generations that are currently in

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DEI with One Globe Kids


A new resource to educate the next generation of anti-racists There has never been a time where more teachers are looking for resources to bring anti-racism into their classrooms. If you follow our social media, you know that we firmly believe that kids are never too young to talk about what is going on

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World books we love


We love books, especially authentic stories with photos. We believe the best (virtual and hardwood) bookshelf is one filled with all kinds of books, featuring all kinds of children. If you are looking for a way to make sure your classroom or library is culturally responsive and inclusive, you might find this checklist by

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English Language Arts (ELA)


It’s easy to teach English Language Arts (ELA) with the One Globe Kids Friendship Curriculum. Your students will learn essential reading comprehension, speaking and listening, language and writing skills while learning about the world we share. Rich in language and images Each One Globe Kids story is incredibly rich in language and full of

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Friends Make the World Go Round


[This article has been adapted from an article originally published on the Global Learning Opinion blog for EdWeek on September 27, 2018, titled How Exploring the World Supports Making New Friends] Exploring the world with One Globe Kids can help students feel safer, happier, and more excited about having diverse friends in their classroom,

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Learning about World Families


Students learn so much from their own families, so it only makes sense that there’s a lot to be learned from families around the world. One Globe Kids makes it easy! In every One Globe Kids story, students meet a friend and his/her family in their country. Each friend’s story is real and gives

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One Globe Kids Technology


One Globe Kids offers an innovative way to engage students in diversity with the help of technology. Through real stories and activities young children can travel the world and meet friends from the comfort of their classroom or living room. All they need is a phone, tablet or computer. Travel by iPad, iPhone, computer

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