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Let’s explore the world together! Sign up for a year and visit all the friends, including all education materials, cancel anytime. And because friends make the world go round, you will also help make One Globe Kids available for kids without digital travel resources.

Become an Educator Advocate

$39 per year

As a One Globe Kids Advocate you will actively be spreading intergroup empathy in your K-2 classroom and beyond* for a whole year. For every annual Advocate membership you purchase, we will gift a 2nd membership to a school with fewer resources.*

As a year-long One Globe Kids Advocate you will receive online access to:

  • Complete One Globe Kids ELA curriculum for K-2: incl. lessons, teacher guides, alignment tables
  • ALL the One Globe Kids stories and digital friendship activities:
    • Valdo in Haiti
    • Gabou in Haiti
    • Luna in New York City
    • Lucian in New York City
    • Floor in The Netherlands
    • Lars in The Netherlands
    • Jenissa in Burundi
    • Maya in Israel
    • Larasati in Indonesia
    • AND all future stories!
  • 30+ language activities to practice Dutch, Kirundi, Kreyol, Hebrew and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Friendly country facts about The Netherlands, Indonesia, NYC, Haiti, Burundi and Israel
  • Stories behind the story to look behind-the-scenes as each story was made!
  • 16 discussion themes to explore global topics like water, electricity, transport, traditions, cities, and more
  • Questions to help students recall story facts and details
  • Recipes to make with your class to go with each country
  • Math activities linked to the stories
  • Experience activities from the stories
  • Arts and crafts activities from the stories
  • Tell me about your self writing pages
  • All about me poster
  • And more good stuff added all the time!

*The Gifted One Globe Kids Advocate memberships will go to Title one schools who apply for supported-access. If you are a teacher interested in receiving a gifted 1-year Advocate membership, please apply here.

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