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…for free for 2 weeks: Sign up for a trial, all you need is an email address. This free subscription will let you check out all the education materials for 2 weeks and visit 2 friends: Valdo in Haiti and Larasati in Indonesia.


…your subscription: After the trial, subscribe your class/grade/school to access to the entire program for a year. Our emails will let you know why and how. If you have already made up your mind, join right now right here.


…and start exploring: To keep things simple, you will get: 1 account and 1 login for 1 email address and 1 password. You will need a credit card or Paypal to purchase via the website. Contact us if your school prefers to pay by check or wire transfer.

FREE for 2 weeks:

During the 2 week free trial you’ll get access to all the ELA resources and to 2 One Globe Kids nonfiction stories with global friendship activities:

• K-2 ELA curriculum
• Valdo in Haiti
• Larasati in Indonesia

Get it all!

One Globe Kids is changing the world, one friend at a time. The program offers a way for young children to explore diversity through digital play with peers in different countries.

Without having real contact, kids feel they are making friends around the world, learning their language, wondering about how we are all the same.

Stories are narrated in English, Dutch and French. And soon also Spanish. Each friend will help you to practice their native languages: Kirundi, Bahasa Indonesia, Hebrew, Dutch, English, Norwegian, Arab, and Kreyol.

Download the One Globe Kids app to access all stories on an iPhone/iPad. A subscription to the full program can be used on school/home computers with internet.

One Globe Kids can be used for self-directed learning or in a classroom or small-group setting. Besides digital activities, the program offers make, create and try activities to do in and around the classroom.

A subscription will give you access to the entire program for a year.

12 Narrated Friendship Stories
30+ Language Practices
Global Friendship ELA Curriculum
8x Friendly Country Facts
12 Friendship Writing Pages
18 Global Themes to Discuss
50+ Activities about Food, Culture, Math, Arts & Crafts & more
Questions for Story Comprehension

Find the subscription that is right for you, your students and your budget.


$39per year
  • < 30 students


$129per year
  • < 100 students

Small school

$359per year
  • < 300 students

Medium school

$719per year
  • 300-600 students

Large school

$1199per year
  • 600-1000 students