Download all you need for ELA here

The modular structure of the K-2 Global Friendship ELA curriculum makes it easy to bring the world into your classroom for 3 or up to 36 weeks.  Start with downloading a Teacher Guide to see how it works and explore all that the curriculum offers.


First grade

Second grade

Teacher Guide

In these Teacher Guides you will find all you need to know. How to choose stories, how to time lessons, how to have the most impact, how to assess, and how to meet standards. Read this first!

Lesson overview

See all 11 lessons together including a brief summary and the covered ELA CCS for each.

Lesson pack

Download all 11 lessons and find a mix of reading comprehension, writing, listening and speaking and language activities to do with your class. Besides a detailed explanation of what to do, each lesson includes vocabulary words, standards, strategies, questions, list of materials and ways to evaluate.

CCS alignment table

This curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCS) for English Language Arts and  the College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards. Each One Globe Kids lesson covers multiple ELA CCS. Many standards overlap and only specific ones are listed in the lesson plans. 

ELA activity pages

Some lessons come with activity pages, download them all here, including a map of the world.

We thank the Longview Foundation for their generous support in the development of the Global Friendship ELA curriculum.