Download extension activities here

These activities will deepen students’ understanding of life in the friends’ countries and of the similarities and differences between them. Most activities can be done in large groups, small groups, or individually, for maximum flexibility. No matter how you use them, you are broadening horizons!

All about me

Download this fun poster and let students share more about their own story.

Stick Puppets

Download and print this page to make stick puppets of all the friends.


Dig deeper into a global theme by discussing how things work similar or different around the world. Each theme contains a series of photos from the story with accompanying questions to show on a screen/smart-board. For teachers there is additional background information to help answers questions.

– SDG 2: Zero Hunger

– SDG 14: Life Below Water.

– Food: nutrition and how where we live can influence what we eat/drink.
– Market: the market in Burundi and other places we shop.

– Play: the where and how of playing around the world.

– Traditions: national holidays/festivities and how we all celebrate.
– Royalty: heads of states/nations and the role they play.

– Safety: what you can do to feel and be safe.
– Cities: city life and how it impacts the way you live.

– Education: learning and how that can be done in multiple ways.
– Arts & crafts: making things and sharing through art around the globe.

– Transport: how we go places and the different means of transportation.
– Water: the value of water and how using it impacts daily life.
– Electricity: how kids around the world have access to electricity.