One Globe Kids offers an innovative way to engage students in diversity with the help of technology.
Through real stories and activities young children can travel the world and meet friends from the comfort of their classroom or living room. All they need is a phone, tablet or computer.

Travel by iPad, iPhone, computer and/or smart-board?

There are multiple ways to make friends with One Globe Kids.
One Globe Kids Online Friends: Visit all friends on a computer or smart-board. This is the ideal way to share stories in a classroom, with children either working independently or in a group. You will need internet access and an up-to-date Adobe Flash player to see and hear the stories.
  • Free online access (limited) – Register as a One Globe Kids Educator to read the stories of Valdo in Haiti and Larasati in Indonesia for free. Educators also receive free access to the downloadable K-2 Global Friendship curriculum.
  • Paid online access (comprehensive) – Sign up as an Advocate to access all stories and activities for either education or families.
One Globe Kids iOS apps. In the Apple App Store you will find:
  • One Globe Kids – Friends around the world (FREE): A free app to explore Haiti with Valdo and Indonesia with Larasati and add additional friends one by one via $1.99 in-app purchases. Download this app if you’d like to visit a specific country or friend only, to see what it is all about or to encourage parents to let your students explore more at home.
  • One Globe Kids – All Friends ($9.99): With this app you get all currently available AND future friends from all countries, including Education Toolkits. Perfect for classrooms, homeschooling and to get all friends at once.

Keep in mind – will students use sound?

One Globe Kids stories are narrated, in three languages. You can choose to either listen or read the text. Each story comes with multiple friendship activities, many of them require sound and recording. Make sure students have headphones when exploring individually and check the set up of your sound when accessing stories or language activities together.
If you’re ready to bring the world into your classroom, subscribe One Globe Kids today! You’ll have instant access on your computer to the nonfiction stories of Valdo in Haiti and Larasati in Indonesia AND the complete Global Friendship Curriculum. And the best part – your students will learn in-depth about the world from real children their age!