It’s easy to use One Globe Kids in any classroom. We’ll tell you how in five short steps!
One Globe Kids is a virtual library of nonfiction stories about real children around the world. Students learn about life around the world while building their self-confidence and motivation to make new friends.

How to Get Started with One Globe Kids

1. Subscribe ONLINE (free or paid) –  When you sign up for a free trial on the website, you’ll get access to the K-2 Global Friendship Curriculum AND free access to the stories of Valdo in Haiti and Larasati in Indonesia on your computer for two weeks. (Congratulations if you’re already signed up! You’re ready to go!)
2. Login to your One Globe Kids account on a computer – When you’re logged in, you can access the One Globe Kids stories, the K-2 Global Friendship Curriculum, and tons of great extras!
3. Choose a friend to visit – You can meet new friends with your class in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Each friend’s unique, non-fiction story is filled with photos. Visit Valdo in Haiti or Larasati in Indonesia for free on your computer with your subscription.

My Haiti


Hi! My name is Valdo and I live on the island of Haiti. I hope you visit me today. We can ride a tap-tap to school together. Tomorrow it will be the weekend and there are always nice things to do. Hope to see you soon in Haiti!

My Indonesia


Hi, I’m Larasati from Indonesia! I hope you will visit me today. My friends and I love to play outside. You can come with us to our school and on a special outing in the city. See you soon!

When you subscribe as a classroom or school, you have access to stories from 12 friends from 8 countries, and all lessons and activities.
4.  Explore the friend’s story –  a) Sign in online and share the stories with your students via a smartboard or computer; b) Give students individual time to read and listen to the stories on their own devices. Through the stories, students will learn to recognize what they have in common with other children around the world and practice valuable global skills.
5. Use the free ELA K-2 curriculum to expand learning – The free Global Friendship Curriculum teaches English Language Arts skills using the One Globe Kids stories. You can download the curriculum for your grade (kindergarten, 1st, or 2nd) for free when you’re logged in during your two-week free trial. Each grade includes 11 global lessons that cover common core standards for reading comprehension, writing, listening, speaking, and language.
6. Promote Global Friendship – One Globe Kids uses a research-backed and tested way to help children feel happy and safe interacting with diverse peers. The free curriculum strategically helps children prepare for diverse friendship through its Global Friendship Goals. Students learn global knowledge, culturally-open attitudes, contact skills and prosocial behaviors (such as sharing, trusting, and helping).
If you’re ready to bring the world into your classroom, login or subscribe today! You’ll have instant access to the nonfiction stories of Valdo in Haiti and Larasati in Indonesia AND the complete Global Friendship Curriculum. And the best part – your students will learn in-depth about the world from real children their age!